lines and visions


The phantom named existence drawn with light and particles.


  • Epoxy resin, Fluorescent dye, Phosphorescent pigment, Laser, Servo motor, Electronic circuit, etc.


  • W4000 × H4000 × D4000mm (Space)
  • W160 × H20 × D160mm (Individual)


  • 2014.01

Inside a W160 × H20 × D160mm plate made of epoxy resin, 225 white phosphorescent pigment grains are arranged in a grid of dots. Epoxy resins are colored with fluorescent dye and emit blue-violet to blue-green light in response to ultraviolet rays. When an ultraviolet rays laser beam enters the plate, a light trajectory is drawn, and when the beam ceases to enter, excited phosphorescent materials cause an illusion to appear.