Communication Cube X


Share the experience with another viewer (not limited real person) in far space or far time, to communicate with entities beyond those concepts.

Another viewer's existence is abstracted as moving light (= energy) on the surface of this artwork in the palm of a viewer. Focusing only on the movement of light, another viewer may be in the immediate vicinity or in a remote space. It may be at the same time, or an operation at a past time may be currently playing. Moreover, operations in the future may be expressed in the present.

The unique color of each individual represents its own universe. On the cellular automaton algorithm, operations of the same color affect each other as light movement, while operations of different colors are represented only as light mixing without direct influence. Even at this moment, another universe may exist superimposed on our universe, influencing each other we cannot observe.


  • 3D-printed resin frame, LED button switch, Speaker, Vibration actuator, Any kinds of sensors, Electronic circuit, etc.


  • W3000 × H2000 × D3000mm (Space)
  • W88 × H88 × D88mm (Individual)


  • 2019.07

A total of 96 push-button switches with built-in full-color LEDs (modified Adafruit NeoTrellis) are placed on the surface of the artwork. When a push-button switch is pressed, the switch at the pressed location emits light. The lights move across the surface of the artwork according to a unique algorithm arranged from the cellular automaton algorithm, and if the viewer presses further switches while the lights are moving, they can intervene in the algorithm in real time.

The wireless LAN built into the artwork makes multiple units to operate in tandem, and when a push-button switch on one unit is pressed, a viewer's manipulation is transmitted to another unit.

Each individual has a unique color, and a viewer's manipulation on one individual is transmitted with color information to another one. In another individual, the result of the cellular automaton algorithm with its specific color and the result of the cellular automaton algorithm with transmitted color are merged and fed back to the viewer as light movement and color mixing.

A built-in rechargeable battery makes viewing without the need for an external power source. It also has a speaker, linear vibration actuator, temperature sensor, barometric pressure sensor, acceleration sensor, gyro sensor, and orientation sensor.

*Contributed details to Tama art studies 2020 No.9 "Design and Implementation of presence transfer sculpture 'Communication Cube X' -flow and details of visual design, structural design, electronic circuit design, and software implementation-"

Communication Cube v1 ~ VII
Gen.Generation Impl.Implementation CPU Network Colors
v1 Universal board, Single-sided PSoC N/A Monotone
v2 Universal board, Single-sided PSoC N/A Monotone
III Hand etching, Double-sided PSoC N/A Monotone
IV Hand etching, Double-sided PSoC N/A Monotone
V Hand etching, Double-sided PSoC N/A Monotone
VI Hand etching, Double-sided PSoC N/A Monotone
VII Hand etching, Double-sided PSoC N/A Monotone
X (VIII) Machine manufacturing, Double-sided ESP8266 Wireless LAN True color